Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Which One of These Things is Not Like The Others?



I have a love/hate relationship with painting.  I LOVE the way freshly painted items look, but I would rather be doing something else!  I also know a post w/o pictures is boring.  I painted all the trim in our tiny hall this AM.  FIVE doorways and a closet door.  It is definitely the trim nightmare.  But it.  is.  finished!!

I am working on some new secret blocks, but I am going to show one picture here.  I am thinking I'll need at least 99, maybe more if I make it wider.  I am planning on 9 x 11 blocks for now.  I am piecing them 4 at a time.  My 1-1/2" strips box is nearly empty...the most empty it's ever been since its birth.  That means cutting more strips in the future. 

Here are the first four blocks.  They all have the same dark for the center HST, but the finished quilt will, of course, have much more variety.  The blocks finish at 10" square...nice round number, eh?

They are the ones on the right (hee hee)...

The quilt top on the left is for an upcoming bridal shower.  I am fairly sure the recipient does not read my blog.  Have to just add a border to the one on the left (which has the blocks sewn together).  Scale is so important in a quilt.  The left top is going to be a wall hanging or table mat.  The one on the right will be a queen-sized quilt, so I can get away with larger pieces.  The left has 3/4" finished "logs" and the right has 1" finished.  It's the huge centers on the right that makes the scale look so different.

Off to do some more work!  Thank God for the strength to do it.


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Gypsy Quilter said...

Painting looks wonderful. You're on the last few days of the countdown and almost done. If I ever decide to get married, I'll come to your house, as everything is already done!