Friday, August 12, 2011

Less Than a Day Now

By this time tomorrow, my daughter will be a married woman.  Today was spent decorating, decorating, and decorating.  I spent hours ironing tablecloths.  We had a great time.  I made lunch for everyone that helped...simple crockpot stuff.

The church and reception hall look fantastic.  Rehearsal was short and sweet. 

I'll be sharing pictures soon.  Above is a pic of the ecstatic couple.  Happy just doesn't cut it!

I'm exhausted.  Wish me well!  No tears yet!



Kate said...

oh my but he is a cutie!!!

Amy said...

Congratulations Mom! These are wonderful times.

julieQ said...

I am of course wishing you well...what an adorable couple!! I am so happy for you...those tears will be happy, happy ones!

Michelle said... now they are happily married! Congratulations!