Sunday, April 17, 2011

Focus is Everything!

My husband and I went on an overnight couple's getaway Friday night.  Just as Susie was taking the pic, the ribbon on my camera case flew in front of the lens.  This was a reminder to me of how life all depends on what you're focusing on.  On the way to the retreat and back, I finished hand-sewing down the binding on one of my secret projects.  Pics posted to my secret blog soon.

Recently I've become aware of several heart-breaking situations in families that we are acquainted with...such sadness.  But our focus should be on how rich our lives are in God's love.  We are always "better than we deserve".

Here is the finished center of my snowball quilt.  I think I'd like to do some kind of scrappy outer border.  This is 52-1/2" x 64-1/2".  I think an inner border of gold (maybe just an inch wide finished) and then a pieced border, than another gold border.  The purpose of this snowball quilt was to use up part of my gold scraps as well as get rid of some gold yardage...I have so much gold fabric!!  Must pare it down.



Amy said...

You are so right about the ribbon and our focus in life. Thanks for that analogy.

julieQ said...

What a beautiful quilt!! I just love your golds, very pretty how you have used them. I have been enjoying your puppy, what a little darling! I loved church this morning, talking of God's love...even through thick and thin...I hope your friends' situations are better soon!!

Leeanne said...

You look like a happy couple, green ribbon and all!
Your snow ball is a stunner!

Michelle said...

Your snowball quilt is turning out great. I do love the golds, but think adding something red would be awesome...maybe a red binding? Whatever you choose, it looks great!!

Kat said...

love your snow ball ! :))