Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Camera is GREAT

My new camera arrived yesterday.  After a thorough charging, my Susie could not resist running around and snapping all manner of pictures.  This is a wonderful camera.  No--scratch that--my husband is wonderful for getting it for me. 

It's a Samsung HZ30W.  I don't know all the specs, but here are a couple pictures to show the abilities...

The top pic is a close-up of a November birthstone.  The ring has a small diamond on each side.  You can see the dust motes in the picture...they look like tiny snowflakes.

The second pic is my kitchen.  The whole thing!  This is a big room, but each part of it is crystal clear.

I will be posting some pics from my secret blog after I bequest another quilt I've been working on today.


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