Thursday, January 20, 2011

Two More Quilts from 2" Squares...Are MORE Hiding?

Susanna found these two other quilts I made pieced from 2" squares of scraps.  I believe the top one is the first quilt I pieced from these units.  She probably remembers it because she claimed it as soon as it was pieced.  In fact, I didn't remember it all...she has it hidden in her room somewhere and wouldn't even let me in there while she "retrieved" it.  That is funny to me for some odd reason.

The bottom picture is the blocks and alternate squares of a quilt I made for my beloved grandma, Elaine Phillips.  She got to enjoy it some time before she passed away.  I have a picture of it under "quilts given as gifts" on my Web Shots album.  There is a link along the left side of my page.  I tried copying the picture here, but it only allowed the postage stamp sized version.  It turned out lovely.  I might make another somewhat like it.

This trip down memory lane has made me curious about how many quilts have come from my 1-1/2" wide strip boxes.  I might have to investigate.



Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

Both are lovely. I love scrap quilts! I have a bunch of 4-patches I need to get put of these days.

Raewyn said...

It's so neat to see what you have made out of scraps!! I have pieced enough 2" blocks to make at least 2 quilts, I just need to incorporate some interesting stuff (appliqué blocks maybe) with them. Isn't it satisfying to make something from nothing?

MARCIE said...

I really love your style! Sweet and simple! That is what I like too! And it wonderful that your girls love it as much as you do!