Thursday, December 16, 2010

Texas Braid Beginning

I was able to squeeze in a little piecing time tonight. Isaac offered to help me press, and that always makes things go faster. Here we are, with him to the left of the ironing board and me to the right at the sewing machine. It was still daylight when we started. What are we making??

We are making this...Texas Braid sections. This is from Bonnie Hunter's book, Adventures with Leaders & Enders. I have decided to limit my piecing time to this project until it's a finished top. You can stop laughing now.

This picture is a close up.

Here's one a little further out. Guess how many pins I used for the piecing and putting the rows together? See the end of the post for the answer.
And finally, all of it. Well, at least as much as you can see on my five-foot high design wall. I folded the top down (that makes it sound fun, like a convertible!!). The pieces are over 100 inches long, so folded they must be.

Zero. That is how many pins I used. When you assemble the sections, you press the pieces in such a way that you need not one pin to sew the rows to each other. Ta da!!


Mary Lou Casada said...

Oh, I love that pattern! And yours is scrumptious. I see lots of wonderful Thimbleberries prints and fabulous scraps! I may have to move that quilt up the list!! :-)
Mary Lou

Elaine Adair said...

How stunning!!! and perfect corners - your colors are lovely - they happen to be all my own favorites. This is another project I would LOVE to do. 8-)))

Elaine Adair said...

Sooo, are you going to share your pressing method? Or show us where to find out? This is too lovely NOT to try out.

Leeanne said...

Wonderful, I love that pattern too.I haven't made a thing out of that book yet and I see Bonnie is about to release a new book!
Neat fun that you had a helper.