Thursday, September 16, 2010

NPOP Progress

Here is a close-up of the side of my NPOP quilt. I am so close to having the center of the top put together. I still feel quite horrid, but if I can't talk or swallow w/o pain, I can still piece, right?

Most of the fabrics for this are from the load I bought from my sister. She had a box of scraps from which I gleaned most of these lovelies. The purple setting fabric is also from her.

Here is the whole top so far. I did two more rows since the picture was close to being finished. I love it when I really like a quilt even if it wasn't totally planned from the beginning.

As I was piecing this, more scraps came to my notice. I have a sudden desire to make a two-color quilt (I'm thinking cream and red, blue, brown, or green). If you have a favorite two-color quilt, please send me a picture of it. It will be scrappy (duh), and I favor traditional patterns and fairly small pieces. Thanks in advance!

Off to put in a few more stitches...

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Bethany said...

I did a purple/white quilt quilt earlier this year. Here's the link:

I also did a star quilt several years ago in navy/white with white stars on navy fabric.