Friday, August 27, 2010

Quilt Show Pic #9

Black and white are perfect for this optical illusion quilt...I nearly got seasick gazing at it at the show.

Susanna and I are off at 5:30 to sew, sew, sew!! I can barely wait. I have high hopes of completing my Autumn Splendor. I made and sewed on the binding by machine last night (the hanging sleeve, too), so all is left is hand quilting the leaves and sewing the hanging sleeve and binding down. Here's hoping!

One of my challenges (and they are legion) is to stay on top of all my responsibilities. When I get a handle on laundry, meals to go pot. When school is going swimmingly, the house is a disaster zone. You get the picture. I often dream of the free time I would have if we never had to ingest food. No planning, shopping, storing, preparing, serving, eating, cleaning, etc. I did make an inventory sheet of our big freezer this AM, so that is a little step in the right direction.

Count your blessings,


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Elizabeth said...

Wow - you described my life in your last paragraph there. If "misery" loves company, then it helps to know that someone else is experiencing the same thing!!

If I could get by without sleeping, I think I could handle everything. That's my dream - to be able to have a full 24-hour day. Not having to eat would be a big bonus, too! Cooking is one of my least favorite "chores," but grocery-shopping is one step worse. :-) My daughter is chomping at the bit to take over the cooking & grocery shopping.... I'm not sure what's wrong with her, but I'm not going to seek a cure! She's almost 8, so can't quite cook or shop on her own. When she's old enough, she probably won't want to. :-)

-- Elizabeth