Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tiny Update

Things here have been going at warp speed. I have hardly been on the computer at all.
My oldest daughter is spending the next six weeks helping some good friends who started a church in Colorado. She will be gone for her birthday, so we had a "surprise" party for her. Well, as nearly a surprise as it could be since she told us when to have it and selected the menu. My other girls did the decorations, and Emily helped greatly with food preparation. Here is Benjamin hamming it up after hanging the birthday banner outside...

My husband and I gave her an iTouch...I think she is pleased!!

Our church did something new and different for us for today's services. We had "Old-Fashioned" Sunday. We are normally old-fashioned, but today was exceptional... I wasn't going to dress up, but decided yesterday that I had to do something. So I found some fabric on hand (you didn't think I was going to BUY any, did you?) and made this dress and hat. Fortunately, a friend had a white "Pilgrim" apron I could borrow. After the AM service we had "dinner on the grounds" then an afternoon service.

The little girl with me?? She is a sweetie pie that attends my church. Her grandma from Michigan was visiting. I was talking to her grandma when she came over. This girl says the most hilarious things. She told her grandma that *I* was her "grandma" when she didn't have any other grandmas here. I quickly explained that I didn't have any grandchildren. She quipped, "Well, you have ME!!" Her little brother is also pictured.

Here is a picture of our youth pastor, music director, and pastor (L-R), with their wives (this is for you, June). They aren't smiling because it's an old-timey photo, and people didn't smile for those.

I have also been busy getting things (as in projects) together for our trip to Ohio this week. I want to take more than I know I will have time to finish, but where to draw the line?? I will have about 12 hours each way in the car (most of that daylight hours), and love to stitch in the car (or Pilot, as the case may be).

Yesterday I traced and transferred the pieces to this wool table mat that I've had for...well...a really long time. It is so cute, and I can never have too many pumpkin decorations. I saw it on a friend's blog and just had to order one. This is not my mat, but a picture of the finished product. It ends at the edge of the black scallop.

Other items are moving right along, but for the next few days, trip planning to the max.



Gypsy Quilter said...

What a fun idea for church, and I love that little mat. Too cute.

julieQ said...

I love your mat, Joan!! gorgeous...and the church oldtime picture is a hoot!