Friday, June 11, 2010

Family Pride Finished

Just washed and dried "Family Pride". It is the most crinkly quilt I've ever made. The quilting screams!!

I plan to give it to my friend soon. I hope she likes it. Below is a close-up of the star. I used navy thread for the quilting around that part (red in the reds), quilting it 1/4" then 1/2" more away.

The star was machine blanket-stitched with navy thread.



Ceamz said...

it is really nice! and I love the blue stitching. I am a proud Marine mom : )

Anonymous said...

Joan, I just made the same quilt!!!! I made it for our dear family friends whose son just graduated from high school and leaves in a few weeks for West Point. It was such a fun little quilt to make!!!
Debbie Surrett