Thursday, June 24, 2010

Baby Twister

This is 42" x 51"... This is 27" x 33"...

The top picture shows all my 5" squares and 3" border sewn together. Then one takes the mini Twister ruler and cuts out the pinwheel-shapes. It really is a cool method. What I don't like is the waste that results from it. I. hate. wasted. fabric.

The smaller squares (in the bottom picture) are 3-1/2" square. If I were piecing this from scraps, I'd be fine with it. I paid over $26 for the fabric for just this part of the quilt and the binding!
Before the outer border, the finished product (from 80 five-inch squares) will only be about 33" x 27". Puny.

It is a fast method as opposed to cutting and piecing all those little windmill blades. One of the reasons I made this was to see just how it all worked. The directions that came with the rulers were minimal and sketchy. I like being able to see how the fabric placement affects the final product. I would like to make this in novelty prints for an I Spy quilt. Too bad I didn't save a 5" square of asparagus fabric!!

One of my other ideas was to use the ruler to make a table runner. Now I can see just how I need to lay that out. So not so much wasted time after all!

Can't get excited about finishing this seeing as it's going to be so small. Christmas-print baby quilt, anyone?


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