Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hello From The Aquarium

Our family is taking a short vacation in Gatlinburg, TN. We're off to the Dixie Stampede for supper tonight.

This AM five of us went to Ripley's Aquarium while the rest browsed the downtown shops.

As I looked around the aquarium, all I could think of was God's amazing plan for this ole world. So many fascinating displays. Unfortunately, they don't give God the glory.

Did you know a shark can smell ONE drop of blood from 1/4 mile away? 70% of its brain is devoted to the sense of smell.

Here are Wes and Isaac in the tunnel (under the sharks and fish).

Here are Emily, Wes, and Isaac with the tank behind them that the tunnel runs through. The picture looks very "blue"!

I took this in the underwater tunnel with a sawfish going overhead. Looks like a smiling face on the bottom side. The "saw" snout is used for offense, but mostly for digging up and dislodging food from the sandy ocean bottom.

Here is a lion fish...extremely venemous.

This next picture has the most vivid colors. I wondered...would the jellyfish look as stunning with a different color background wall? These are opposite colors on the color wheel, you know? Amazing!!

Good day.


Karen said...

Looks like You are Having a great time exploring! Enjoy your dinner at the Stampede! :0)

audrey said...

Great photos. I must tell my (American-now-Australian) marine-biologist guru/friend about the jelly-fish. She's bound to be able to identify it for you!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the stunning Chrysaora fuscesens -- the west coast sea nettle! Native to the Oregon / northern California region, but now in wide use throughout the aquarium industry. A truly beautiful animal, especially against the blue background -- but yowza, do they sting!!!

-- Dr. Lisa-ann Gershwin