Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Project--Surprise, Surprise!!

I was cleaning out my drawer of small miscellaneous units and saw oodles of half square triangles. Years ago (about 9) I made my sister a little Corn and Beans quilt wall hanging. I've had it in the far recesses of my mind since then to make a throw-sized one. My HSTs are 2-1/4" square, not the optimal size, but I just adjusted the size of the other pieces to accommodate them. Without piecing any other HSTs, I have enough to make most of this quilt. I only have to cut the large triangles.

I am from the north, and corn and beans are about the only veggies I ate growing up. That is another reason this quilt has been on my make-someday list.

This is a long-term project...not hurry whatsoever.


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