Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Memory Quilt #1 of 3

Again, long time no type. Many changes here at the Parker ranchero. I had guests sign blank quilt blocks for our three graduates at the party several weeks ago. My oldest son leaves tomorrow for college. This is the beginning of his memory quilt. Lots more work to do, but we are in the beginning of our home school year, so time will be fleeting for working on this.

The pattern is called Indian Hatchet or Stretched Star. I think it's a good beginning!!




Cindy said...


I emailed you but I'm not sure I have the right address. If you're coming this way with James (which was what we heard :) ) then let us know!

I'm going to try out that chicken recipe too, but tell me why people like you always get the deals and when people like me go in the store they raise prices!!!??

momtofatdogs said...

How big are you blocks?

I finished a Stretched Star Quilt last month. Queen size. I think my blocks were 4.5 inches. (4 inches finished) and it took 418 to make it as large as I wanted it to be!

Miss you posting....