Friday, April 3, 2009

Lettuce Give Thanks

It was so beautiful outside that I decided to go check on our square foot garden boxes. The lettuce plants are up! It was so bright outside that it was difficult to take a good picture. Do you see them in the picture below? Emily divided the squares with the white slats of wood. Imagine the square shown divided into 4 smaller squares. There is a baby (and I mean infant) lettuce plant in all but the top left. Need help?...

Here I am pointing to the bottom right plant. Just think--yesterday the square was bare!! How exciting is that?

This next picture is for those in areas where spring has not yet sprung. Here are some of my tulips that have been in blossom for over a week. I made a shadow (now there's something I am good at!) to get a picture that wasn't whited out by the sun. Our front yard is mostly natural areas and very little grass. I planted 6 or 7 tulip bulbs in 5 (or maybe 6) areas out there. The look so pretty, and the colors are mixed up. My personal favorites are where the bright yellow and reds are mixed together, but I like them all. Isn't God good to give us such beauty?

Have a great evening!