Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shelby Skies

Above is a picture taken of our sky here in Shelby just a few minutes ago. Looks very menacing, doesn't it? The weather is nearly 80 degrees. Hard to believe we had 10" of snow just a couple weeks ago.

I started thinking about our vegetable garden for this spring. That reminded me that I didn't get out my tub of hyacinths to put on the front steps. I hoped I wasn't too late. Then I went down to the area where we keep all our out-of-season pots and gardening stuff. These beauties were growing under a tarp. They were already fully grown, but they were very light green and all hunched over. After a couple days in the sun, the blossoms opened, and lovely hyacinth-laced aromas flow into the house every time the front door is opened.

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz. I wonder where the flowers is? There are two pink hyacinths, but they are leaning so far towards the camera that they got cut out when I cropped it--then I couldn't figure out how to uncrop it!

Hooray for spring!



Jeanne said...

I love the smell of hyacinths. They aren't around here very long, but they sure make their presence known.

Anonymous said...

I read a delightful story. once, about someone who would search in her garden for a flower in an out-of-the-way place, and then delight in the fact that only she and God had ever seen it. That's like your hyacinths!

Bless you!