Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Scrappy Quilt Underway

Here is my latest scrap quilt. While I'm piecing something else (in this case the Mosaic Baby) I always have another scrap quilt in the works (at least partially cut) so that I can use the new units as leader/enders as I piece.

This is from the same book as Another Mosaic and is called Spring Break. I am going to call it The Grass is Always Greener or maybe Greener Grass.

I'll take a pic of the original quilt some time. Where I have green outer triangles, the original has light pink. I don't have pink in my public rooms, so green works for me. Special thanks to my sister for parting with 2 pieces of her lightest green Thimbleberries for me.

Off for a delicious supper...


Janet said...

I love the scrap quilt you have started. Its a great block and I love the colors. Do you know how big you're going to make the quilt?

Grace F. said...

Hi Joan,
When doing the scraps (exluding the green and beige) do you layout according to color or color value. Or are the pieces completely random? I really like it. It almost has a jewelled or cut stone look to it.

Kathryn said...

I love to make scrappy quilts also. Your pictures have given me some ideas, and perhaps a book to buy. Thanks for blogging.