Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall Decorations, Take 13

This is my favorite fall quilt. It's a Thimbleberries pattern called "Pumpkins for Sale". I made this to sell in my father/sister's store several years ago. I put it in a cold, dark box and mailed it to them in PA. Boy, was I relieved when I visited later and saw it was still there. I took it home and apologized for ever putting it up for sale. In autumn it lives in my living room now. I love the pumpkin-y outside border print. I hand quilted veins in the pumpkins and swirls of "wind" over the leaves.

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Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

I love that quilt. After seeing everyone's fall wall hangings, it really makes me want one too, but I can't do it now. Maybe for next year. I think this is one of the cutest I've seen!