Thursday, June 26, 2008

4-Patch March

When I was downloading the pics of Isaac yesterday, this was already on my camera. Emily is piecing a quilt top for a customer (we LOVE doing that!). She or one of her siblings must have taken this pic of the 4-patches marching away from the iron! She is very methodical in her piecing. Notice the neat stacks of ironed units against the back of our "pressing station"? That's Emily!
Here's a close-up of her nimble fingers at work.
This block is not completely sewn. I layered the top and bottom units under the center to see how it would look when those seams were sewn. This block is called Windowpane. They are going to be set on point with a dark red alternate plain block. I think it's going to have a classic old-fashioned look. Finished blocks are 7" square, if I remember correctly.
Emily is having her wisdom teeth removed tomorrow. Please pray that all goes well with that. Her two older siblings had theirs out in the past year, and had very smooth recoveries. I pray that it is the same with her.

I'm still walking. Missed the last two days because I couldn't walk w/o a great deal of pain. All is well now though. It's only 63 degrees out now, but warming up steadily. Yesterday afternoon it got up to 96. Felt like it, too.

My WH and Susanna got home around midnight last night. They went to offer moral support to WH's grandfather, whose brother passed away last week.

Off to the races!


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Jeanne said...

Emily, I can only dream to be so neat and organized when working on a project! I hope everything went well with her dentist appointment.